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    Pilz Solutions

    Diagnostic concept PVIS 

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    Minimise downtimes on your plant and machinery!

    Pilz Pvis En Web

    Plant and machinery must be producing. As efficiently and economically as possible, and without interruption. It's not until the machine suffers an unscheduled stop that you recognise the value of good, user-friendly diagnostics. For this is a worthwhile investment. For both machine manufacturers and operators in equal measure.



    Diagnostics made simple – With the PVIS diagnostic concept


    A concept that's been developed from practice and considers everything from A to Z is a prerequisite. At Pilz we call it "PVIS" for short. It's a universal diagnostic concept for small machines to large plants.

    Based on Pilz's many years of experience in automation, two factors were key for development. Operators need clear, unambiguous instructions to enable them to rectify faults efficiently. 
    Machine manufacturers, on the other hand, are more likely to offer the relevant diagnostics if they are easy to program. PVIS satisfies both sides.

    You get one diagnostic solution for all Pilz products:

    • PSS safe control systems
    • Safe bus systems SafetyBUS p/SafetyNET p
    • Modular control platform PSSuniversal
    • PNOZmulti modular safety system
    • Diagnostic unit PMImicro diag
    • Operator terminals PMIvisu with PVIS OPC Tools
    • Customer's PC with PVIS OPC Tools

    See the benefits for yourself!


    • Saves considerable time when troubleshooting and rectifying faults – the machine can be restarted quickly
    • Using the plain text messages, machine operators immediately know which fault has occurred
    • Active support for the operator in rectifying the fault: PVIS provides step-by-step instructions for how to remedy the fault
    • PVIS names the person responsible. The operator is told who is able to rectify the fault, e.g. the maintenance engineer.

    The time from machine standstill to restart is significantly reduced. That's a small investment that quickly pays off!



    Benefits for machine manufacturers and system integrators

    Benefits for machine manufacturers and system integrators


    • Use familiar software: PSS WIN-PRO or PNOZmulti Configurator
    • Pre-defined error messages and step-by-step remedy messages for a large number of safety devices
    • Save time with simple configuration: just a few clicks in the control system's software
    • Pre-defined messages in multiple languages
    • Flexible concept – new messages are easy to add, pre-defined messages are easy to adapt



    Benefits for machine operators

    Benefits for machine operators


    • Saves time and money with error messages in plain text
    • Practical solution proposals help to get production restarted quickly
    • Simple to operate, without any knowledge of programming
    • Machine-specific diagnostic solution thanks to an intelligent concept





    PVIS on the PMImicro diag

    Diagnostic unit PMImicro diag

    Diagnostics for Pilz control systems
    All diagnostic messages are displayed on the PMImicro diag with a clear display concept.
    PMImicro diag is suitable for direct connection to a PNOZmulti or PSS/SafetyBUS p CPU. The complete configuration is performed in the PNOZmulti Configurator or in PSS WIN-PRO.

    Diagnostics made simple

    To display PVIS diagnostics with PMImicro diag, transfer or create the diagnostic messages directly when you create the program for the PNOZmulti or PSS. 
    For the PNOZmulti, for example, the simplest option is to transfer the pre-defined messages in the required language via a single click when configuring the sensor block. All messages are stored as part of the PNOZmulti application and are downloaded to the PMImicro diag once the application is complete – also via the PNOZmulti Configurator of course.

    Find out more about the diagnostic unit PMImicro diag!


    PVIS OPC Tools for PMIvisu and customer's PC

    With the PVIS OPC Tools, PVIS is available through standard software interfaces, so it can be integrated into almost any environment.

    PVIS OPC Tools for PMIvisu

    PVIS OPC Server and PVIS Active X Control 
    The PVIS OPC Tools consist of the PVIS OPC Server, PVIS Active X Control and PVIS OPC Configurator. The OPC Server supplies all the data from the connected control system based on the OPC standard. The PVIS OPC Server contains the required diagnostic texts thanks to the PVIS OPC Configurator Tool.
    The messages are displayed in a pre-programmed window in PVIS ActiveX Control format; they can be incorporated directly into many graphics software packages without any additional programming, incl. Pilz PMI-PRO, WinCC, Ifix or even Internet Explorer.

    Visualisation of multiple control systems 
    With PVIS OPC Tools it is possible to visualise several control systems simultaneously – including a combination of PSS and PNOZmulti. 
    The messages can be displayed using several diagnostic devices. Several PVIS ActiveX Controls can access one PVIS OPC Server in the process. Diagnostic devices may be units from the PMIvisu-range or standard PCs / industrial computers.

    Data access to process data 
    The PVIS OPC Server also offers data access to process data in the PSS. Access is via a standard OPC Client (e.g. PMI-PRO, WinCC, ...). Access is read/write, of course.

    Easy to incorporate - high flexibility 
    With the PVIS OPC Tools, all PVIS functions, pre-defined messages and process data access are available for simple incorporation into the PMIvisu-range.
    They also offer easy integration into customers' visualisation systems, thereby underlining the flexibility of the concept.


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