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    Sipin Vietnam 

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    Company Profile

    It's not by chance that Sipin has a superior position in the field of power regulators and solid state relays. With strong designing and developing ability, we have experienced phenomenal growth by being a true partner with our customers and have earned a good reputation in the international market. 

    And you can find SIPIN's products are very popular in market, specially for clean room of technology company in Taiwan, because of we have steady high quality ,customer trust us through high quality.

    We have series of space vector for high quality power regulators and solid state relays. The complete line of models with different features to meet industry demands. Thus, the application of our products is very wide popular on markets. Our products are used in heat treatment furnace, high temperature kilns, ceramics kiln, IR dryer, thermal air controller, plastic making machine, injection blow molding machine, printer machine etc.

    Not only we build customer trust through high quality products, prompt delivery and good after-sales services. We are a professional and manufacturer in designing and manufacturing a full range of high quality SCR & SSR , and concern the every order and indications of our customers and do our best to match the every possible requirement. For details, please contact us for any and more information, Sipin is your best choice.

    Products - Thyristor Power Regulator W5 Series


    Product features

    • Independent adjustment of Max and BIAS.
    • Down-opened Panel, easy for fuse replacement.
    • VR of Max and SFS are installed in the front panel, easy for adjustment.
    • Multi-LED display panel makes the operating condition clear.
    • The auxiliary powers (AC1, AC2) are independently controlled for all models.
    • Build-in buffering output adjustment (SFS VR), adjusting range 1~22 seconds. (Only for the phase control product)
    • Top & bottom shielding covers are designed for safety and fashion out looking, also easy for wiring installation.
    • In case of 0.5 Hz sudden power losses, system output can be switched off immediately. Once the power is restored, the system will buffer the output to prevent the voltage surge for fuse burn-down.
    • Main power is one spec. Design for 200~480VAC.
    • Automatic power frequency detection for 50~60 Hz. No need for selection or switch.
    • Automatic detection and display for power out-of-phase, SCR overheating, and fuse burn-down with one set of alarm dry contact output.
    • In cases of SCR overheating or fuse burn-down, the system output is stopped immediately. Once the malfunction is eliminated and power is restored, the system will buffer the output to prevent the fuse burn-down.
    • 4~20mA, 1~5VDC, 2~10VDC, 0~20mA, 0~5 VDC, 0~10VDC, dry contact points, etc. and all control signals are ready to use.
    • Triggering circuit and the main board are designed separately to avoid the main board damage when main circuit malfunctions.
    • Using European detachable control signal connector for easy replacement without re-wiring installation.

    Products - Solid State Relay - Single Phase, SSR Series



    • High Reliability by S.M.T. & TQC. ( Surface Mounting Technology )
    • High lsolation over than 50MΩ / 500VDC
    • High Dielectric over than 2.5KV
    • Low Enable Current less than 7.5mA / 12VDC C MOSIC or TTL Compatible. 
    • Low EMI / EFI & Surge by Zero Cross Trigger Method.
    • High Surge Current Duration Over 10 Times of Rated Current / One Cycle
    • High Surge Voltage Duration by Snubber Circuit. 

    Guiding of Model

    Operation EnviromentTerminal Type 

    1. Product
    2. Output Current 
      10 : 10A    25 : 25A    75 : 75A 
      40 : 40A    50 : 50A
    3. Input Voltage
      D: DC3V~32V<ON/OFF> 
      A: AC80~250V<ON/OFF> 
      L: 4~20mA(linear) 
    4. Output Voltage
    5. Output Voltage Range
      H:      High Voltage Type <90~480VAC>
      Non: Standard Type <24~380VAC> 

    Operation EnviromentPCB Type 

    1. Product
    2. Mounting Method
      PCB: PCB TYPE 
    3. Output Current
      03 = 3A
      05 = 5A 
    4. Input Method
    5. Output Voltage
      D: DC 5~60 V 
      A: AC 24~280 V

    Control Method

    Zero Cross Trigger Method

    Output TURN ON or TURN OFF
    only on Zero Cross Point of sine wave, may avoid surge or EMI /RFI occurring.
    Specially suited to control resistive, capacitive and Non-Saturated inductive loads.

    Variable Resistance Control Method
    < Trimmer Control Method > 

    Power Output is Controlled by the Trigger Angle of Triac with Variable Resister 250KΩ /110VAC, 500KΩ /220VAC 

    Application hints

    Input NPN Output NO
    Input PNP Output NO
    Input L.S. Output NO
    Input NPN Output NC
    Input PNP Output NC
    Latch Circuit ( AC to AC ) 


    Products - Power Factor Correction With Static Switches


    Benefit of Static Switch

    Under some huge and rapid load variation condition, if use traditional magnetic driven stepping capacitor faces the power factor correction and response speed problem. It is necessary to use Static Switch driven capacitors to meet the requirements of reactive power load.
    In case of the above situation, it is necessary to apply the Static Switch with was designed and fabricated by the excellent thyristor technology and consists of following advantages: 

    1. Eliminate the transient state during switching on/off period

    Capacitors shall be turn on step by step at zero crossing whenever it is fully or partially charged, it shall erase the transient state: wave distortion and other surge can be avoided, it shall not disturb on-line electronic equipment. (Fig 1)

    2. No limitation for switching on or off

    Static Switch is capable to be used in the case of fast and frequent operation. In fact, based on load requirement, the on off action could be possibly finished within on cycle (1/60 Hz).

    3. Fact response for reactive power requirement

    The fast response is not acquired by traditional magnetic switch, such as welding machine, crane lifter, arcing facility or any other kind machine with repeated and short cycle load, the Static Switch is the only solution for system power factor correction.


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