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    Taihei Boeki VietNam  

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    Taihei Boeki VietNam | Đại lý hãng Taihei Boeki tại Việt Nam.

    Cung cấp các thiết bị, giải pháp kỹ thuật, lắp đặt, bảo hành của hãng Taihei Boeki tại Việt Nam.



    Taihei Boeki Co.,Ltd.


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    Taihei Boeki Co.,Ltd

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    2-2, Nihonbashi Honcho 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0023
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    Taihei Boeki Vietnam


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    Super Z Series

    Super Z Series

    Progressive pressure switches meet every need.
Super Z Series

    The Super Z series based on the basic design of the type Z pressure switches are higher-performance pressure switches to satisfy the users' needs that have become more diversified and sophisticated. The Super Z series having more than 200,000 actual sales results are blessed with high appreciation in such industries as power plants and plant facilities. 

    Series SZ catalog download

    Request the Instruction Manual

    High Performance Pressure Switches SZ Series Bellows / Piston Types High Performance Pressure Switches Differential Pressure Switches Diaphragm Type Pressure Switches New SZ Series Diaphragm Actuated Extremely Small Differential (Dead Band) • High Proof Pressure Type Pressure Switches Differential Pressure Switches 
 Explosion-proof Pressure Switches TEX-SZ Series Explosion-proof type〈d2G4〉Pressure Switches


    Type Z Series

    Type Z Series

    The Type Z series have become reliable brand boasting the sales result of more than 600,000 units since its first release in 1980.Type Z Series

    The type Z pressure switches were originated by Taihei Boeki, which have been developed with its long time study respecting to various requirements of customers.

    Utilizing its original technology and establishing simple design structure, improvement of the reliability, compact size and price-reduction have been realized at the same time.

    Series Type Z catalog download

    Request the Instruction Manual

    General-purpose Pressure Switches Z Series Diaphragm / Piston Type Pressure Switches Diaphragm (Stainless Steel or Polyimide) Type Pressure Switches New Z Series Diaphragm Actuated Small Differential and High Proof Pressure Type Pressure Switches and Differential Pressure Switches Explosion-proof Pressure Switches TEX-Z Series Explosion-proof (ExdIICT6) Pressure Switches and Differential Pressure Switches



    PZ Series

    PZ Series

    the most easy-to-use semiconductor pressure switches PZ Series

    Taking advantage of the abundant experiences, Taihei Boeki Co., Ltd. that specializes in manufacturing of pressure switches has successfully developed the most easy-to-use semiconductor pressure switches with its original technology.

    Digital Type Semiconductor Pressure Switches PZD Series In result of persistent efforts of research and development to satisfy all necessary requirements for pressure  switches.Analog Type Semiconductor Pressure Switches PZA Series The PZA series are renewal analog type semiconductor switches that inherit the greatest benefit of their predecessors, the PZ series, which was proven from assured actual characteristics of compact and high performance. The PZA series have realized much high accuracy, simplicity and lower cost.

    Series PZ catalog download




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